• LG ELECTRONICS announces Google Home compatible appliances

LG ELECTRONICS announces Google Home compatible appliances

LG Electronics announced a lineup of smart appliances that are fully compatible with the Google Assistant on Google Home, ushering in cutting-edge connectivity and convenience for the smart home. With Google Home, users will be able to access the full range of the Google Assistant’s features on connected LG appliances. Compatibility with Google Home provides tangible benefits while enhancing usability for connected devices. For example, users can check the time remaining during wash cycles on their LG SIGNATURE washing machine, tell their LG SIGNATURE refrigerator to create more ice, or adjust thermostat settings on their LG air conditioner through simple spoken commands.

New IoT-Ready Alliance promotes installation in LED lighting fixtures

Leading lighting and LED driver manufacturers, Internet of Things (IoT) technology companies and industry groups have established the IoT-Ready Alliance, dedicated to making installation of IoT technology in luminaires easy. The Alliance is setting industry standards that will enable LED light fixtures to be “IoT-Ready”, facilitating a quick and easy installation of advanced IoT sensors. This will also enable building operators to easily upgrade the sensors.

Thread Group and CABA collaborate on IoT Interoperability for the connected home and intelligent buildings

The Thread Group, an industry alliance focused on making Thread the foundation for the internet of things in the home and beyond, has entered into an agreement with the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), a global not-for-profit industry organization dedicated to the advancement of connected home and intelligent building technologies, to collaborate and share information. CABA’s charter promotes open standards for connectivity in homes and buildings, which dovetails with the Thread Group’s goal to enable IoT interoperability. CABA and the Thread Group can now establish forums and exchange information on connected home and intelligent building issues and plans, and share information on key topics affecting the development and implementation of home and building automation.

Lutron announces alliance with Google Home!

Lutron Electronics announced a new integration with Google Home that allows homeowners to easily control their Lutron Caséta Wireless, RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS lighting systems using the Google Assistant. Google Home, a voice-enabled speaker powered by the Google Assistant, allows to stream music and manage everyday tasks – and now, with Lutron’s new alliance, you can easily control lighting throughout the house. In addition to controlling lights anywhere in the house with a simple request to the Google Assistant, you can ask Google if a particular light is on. The Google Assistant will respond and react in real time, allowing homeowners to control lights anywhere in the house.

Sigfox has hit new milestone in IoT interoperability!

Sigfox, the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced that it has hit a new milestone in IoT interoperability with a development which sets to enable Internet applications interoperating over different IoT technologies. Sigfox demonstrated over its live network that, using this new compression technology, Internet applications can communicate with Low Powered Wide Area Network (LPWAN) devices.

IoT interoperability remains one of the greatest challenges for the IoT industry. By achieving true interoperability between applications, sensors and the network, the technology open-ups the possibility for the development of new applications and value creation.

The development of this specification puts the industry one step closer to developing future LPWAN enabled IoT applications. To achieve the milestone and enable Internet protocol applications to communicate over its network, Sigfox and Acklio implemented Static Context Header Compression (SCHC), a new compression scheme which is being standardised by the IETF LPWAN Working Group.

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