• Intel announces compute card for IoT-devices!

Intel announces compute card for IoT-devices!

Intel announced a new modular compute platform called the Intel Compute Card along with a range of partners who will be working with Intel to help accelerate the ecosystem of solutions based on the Compute Card. Intel delivers technology to help realize the benefits of the Internet of Things and enable more smart and connected devices. The Compute Card has all the elements of a full computer, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options so hardware manufacturers can optimize for their particular solution.

Batibouw 2017: Smart home technologies becoming more important!

Batibouw, the Belgian buiding fair, opens its doors soon. Palace 9 will mainly focus on smart homes. Technology is increasingly gaining importance in the home which makes the home smarter. The home automation and building automation manufacturers will present their (new) products at Batibouw 2017!

The BCDI website gives you an overview of most home and building automation manufacturers in Belgium:

What can you expect?

  • The Velbus “Home center” is a software interface for home automation hardware and ideal to operate via touch screen, PC or mobile device. All automation functionalities of the whole house are available at a central location.
  • The Brainbox Evoticoo is a new automation system that combines wiring technology with wireless technology and without battery.
  • Dako Smart Home is an intelligent system of controlling devices installed at home by remote control modules. DAKO-SMART HOME System is based on Z-Wave technology. Owing to the connection of the central unit to the Internet, the system enables the control from any location in the world.
  • The multimedia and home automation system, TYDOM 3.0 from Delta Dore, is compatible with the main worldwide standard protocols (KNX, Sonos, DuneHD, SmartTV, RTS, X3D and X2D), enabling all intelligent devices in the home to be connected to it.
  • Teletask Cloud is a cloud solution where all mobile devices are easily integrated using a secure TLS connection. This solution offers the possibility to control the house from any location.
  • Niko, Renson, Reynaers and Velux go together for a ‘smart home’. A home is really communicating smart as all existing technologies together. And that’s just why Niko, ventilation specialist Renson, Velux and Reynaers join forces. The four market leaders like this living comfort to a new level, with the ease of use for the residents as an absolute priority. The ‘smart’ windows and doors Reynaers be integrated into their booth at Batibouw. Renson the Healthbox will propose 3.0. The Healthbox provides a smart and automatic way for healthy indoor air. This Healthbox keeps residents through Niko Home Control constantly aware of the air quality and ventilation levels in the home. The connection of the Velux skylights Integra to Niko Home Control gives the residents a greater comfort. The “all out” Niko Home Control also makes it possible to open all VELUX roof windows.


You can find the list of exhibitors at Batibouw here.

Norton Core protects the connected home!

Norton by Symantec introduced Norton Core, a high-performance Wi-Fi router to secure home networks and IoT devices. Today’s home networks, bursting with connected devices, thermostats, smart televisions and refrigerators, need exceptional security to protect against malware, viruses, and suspicious activity. Norton is extending their digital safety platform – to now include a wireless home router – to help customers incorporate security into their homes.

Velux and Netatmo partner to create smart home!

Velux announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas his partnership with Netatmo, a company specializing in connected objects. This collaboration led to an innovative solution, namely Velux Active, designed to enhance the interior of each house.

The first Velux Active products will come on the Belgian market in 2018. These new products can be connected to the WiFi network and have an intelligent control for the electric roof windows and curtains from Velux. Thanks to an iOS or Android app, users can automatically control their roof windows and curtains by programming all kinds of indoor settings such as temperature, light intensity, humidity and CO2 levels.

Qorvo introduces multi-protocol system on chip for smarter homes!

Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions, has introduced a complete system on chip (SoC) for smart home devices that delivers multi-protocol support.

The SoC integrates multiple communication protocols, including IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee 3.0, Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for sensors and actuators throughout the home. The new Qorvo SoC advances the state of smart home networking by supporting these connectivity standards while optimizing energy efficiency and extending battery life. Supporting these different connectivity options allows for a single development platform and a single SKU, independent of the communication protocol. With this, BLE-based smart phone connectivity for proximity-based services can combine with Thread or ZigBee 3.0 for smart home services.

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