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About BCDI

Home and building automation is for everyone, particularly for those who want to experience a positive evolution in their living and working conditions. We do not mean a form of material well-being, but rather the degree of comfort, safety and accessibility, communication and ease of use that every individual wants to gain for his closest relatives, his colleagues and for himself within the limits of his working and living environment.

The Belgian Centre for Domotics and Immotics was founded by three institutions representing some of the major sectors of Belgian economy: the construction, metalworking and energy-providing industries.

This may be the reason why it didn’t take long for the BCDI, created at the initiative of Buildwise, SIRRIS (the collective centre of the Belgian industry technology) and Electrabel (the largest energy provider) to find a group of about fifty Belgian companies willing to participate in the communication and information transfer towards the professionals of the branch, being in fact the first link between users and manufacturers.

BCDI is a neutral study and information centre that aims to promote home and building automation through a multidisciplinary approach and in a proactive way. Our organisation wishes to realise these objectives by means of technology watch and intensive contact with the home and building manufacturers. BCDI has also participated and continues to participate in many national and international research projects aiming to introduce home and building automation even more fully into the construction industry and care industry.

That’s also why the BCDI’s activities are mainly based on the development of means of communication for professionals, on the study of market evolution, on technological innovation, and finally, on the organisation of training courses together with specialised institutions.

The BCDI is also involved in Research and Development, given the multidisciplinary nature of its founder members. Various activities were developed during the past years in which the BCDI took part, such as editing a technical guide for home automation or building, the PLEIADE dwelling in Louvain-La-Neuve.

Designing, building and managing intelligent buildings endowed with enough flexibility to quickly adjust to new technologies is not something that can be improvised. It requires cooperation with consultancies, contractors, maintenance specialists and other Facility Management experts.

In short, the BCDI is the ideal partner for:

  • providing training courses for technicians in the installation and use of systems for the management of buildings and their functions;
  • organising demonstration projects of home and building automation systems in true working conditions;
  • transferring information at first hand regarding a continuously evolving market ;
  • opening a dialogue with some of the most important industrial sectors of this country, about the technology of the future, according to your specific needs.
Belgian Centre for Domotics and Immotics (BCDI)
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  Een initiatief van Buildwise en Sirris
Une initiative de Buildwise et de Sirris
An initiative of Buildwise and Sirris

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