• Mozilla launches updated Things gateway

Kaspersky Lab launches free IoT device scanner to aid smart home defense

Kaspersky Lab has released a beta version of its solution for the smart home and the Internet of Things – Kaspersky IoT Scanner. With the beta version, the company is encouraging IoT users to protect their smart homes, and share their experiences about the performance and usability of Kaspersky IoT Scanner. Kaspersky IoT Scanner automatically […]

Johnson Controls introduces Cortana voice-controlled thermostat!

Johnson Controls, a company that develops services that manage buildings’ ventilation and fire detection systems, has reimagined how spaces are perceived and controlled with a simple-to-use smart thermostat. The company is introducing GLAS smart thermostat with leading energy savings and air quality monitoring. The smart thermostat runs on Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core and allows […]

Incedo launches ‘IoT NXT’!

Incedo, a technology services firm specializing in data management, product engineering and emerging technologies, announced the launch of IoT NXT, a rich portfolio of services that help clients realize tangible value and deliver powerful outcomes through their IoT implementations. Some of the work in their lab includes: Creation of POCs and prototypes to demonstrate what’s […]

Culligan builds its first smart home product on the Ayla IoT Platform

Ayla Networks, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, and Culligan International, the world’s leading water treatment company, announced that Culligan has built its first smart home product on the Ayla IoT platform. Using the new Culligan Connect for High-Efficiency (HE), homeowners can monitor and control their Culligan HE water softeners remotely and Culligan […]

ASUS Launches Lyra Home WiFi System

Lyra uses a powerful tri-band WiFi mesh network with multiple interconnected hubs — one primary hub connected to the internet, and several satellite hubs. To give maximum performance, Lyra uses three separate frequency bands. Each hub uses one band to communicate with the others, leaving the other two bands completely free for superfast connections to […]

Bluetooth SIG announces mesh networking capability

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that Bluetooth technology, the global standard for simple, secure wireless connectivity, now supports mesh networking. The new mesh capability enables many-to-many device communications and is optimized for creating large-scale device networks. It is ideally suited for building automation, sensor networks and other IoT solutions where tens, hundreds, or […]

Bluetooth SIG annonce le support du réseau maillé

Le Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) a annoncé que la technologie Bluetooth, la norme mondiale pour une connectivité sans fil simple et sécurisée, supportera les réseaux maillés. La nouvelle capacité de maille permettra des communications de périphériques multiples et est optimisée pour créer des réseaux de périphériques à grande échelle. Il est idéal pour l’automatisation […]

Nodle uses Bluetooth to connect IoT devices

Most networks connect IoT devices to each other and the internet via a built-in card or via low-power wide area networks. Nodle is a low energy IoT network and uses standard Bluetooth modules, making it easy for any IoT device to connect to the Nodle network. IoT manufacturers easily provision their devices through the Nodle […]

SAP wants to bridge the gap between IoT and business data

The software company SAP has launched several new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is a live operations center that converges, correlates and contextualizes IoT sensor data with business processes and both structured and unstructured data. A key feature of SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is the ability to identify unexpected and unplanned […]

Fairhair Alliance creates specifications to enable IoT in commercial buildings

The Fairhair Alliance, an alliance of leading companies from the lighting, building automation, semiconductor and IT industries, has created three draft specifications that represent the organization’s first steps in bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to building automation and lighting in commercial buildings. The first three draft specifications cover resource modeling, resource discovery and security. […]

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