• Mozilla launches updated Things gateway

Do-it-yourself home automation becoming popular in the Netherlands

A recent survey from a Dutch market research office reveals a shift in the home automation market in the Netherlands. Do-it-yourself home automation is becoming more popular. Installers see this as an opportunity: consumers get to know home automation and thanks to these do-it-yourself packages consumers can be stimulated to install professional home automation systems […]

Experimental gardens in healthcare in Flanders, a boost for home automation?

The aim of the experimental gardens in healthcare is to facilitate: new help processes new care processes the development of new products The Ageing in Place Aalst (AIPA) platform has started the “Proef- , doorgroei- en demowoning (PRO DoMO) project“, a demo house that includes innovative technologies. How to respond to the challenges of elderly […]

Comfort increasing home automation becomes more important!

Taking the rapidly increase of older people and the limited healthcare labor market into consideration, the comfort increasing home automation (like home care automation) will play a more important role in the construction industry. The (demo) rooms that shoot up like mushrooms are proofing this. The term “home care automation” is mostly used. Nevertheless, this term can have […]

Research report reveals increase smart homes market

The research report “European Smart Homes Market – Global prognosis and analysis 2013-2020” reveals that the total European smart homes market will be worth 10,1 billion euros and will have an estimated yearly increase of 18%. The major drivers for the global smart homes market are: energy and cost savings, the reduction of carbon emissions, increasing ageing […]

BCDI website launched!

Welcome to the brand-new BCDI website! We hope that this new and dynamic website will evolve with the support of all home and building automation manufacturers to become THE reference website for home and building automation that will interest many construction professionals, the general public, the health industry, etc. Don’t want to miss out on […]

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